Food & Product Photography
Professional food images for your website, social media, product packaging, cookbook, restaurant menu, magazines, advertizing.
Професионална кулинарна и продуктова фотография за уебсайт, социални медии, книги и списания, реклами, менюта на ресторанти и сладкарници.
Social media contenT
It can be tedious to create photos, videos and text for your social media. But you can get all done for you image and video post!
Създаване на съдържание за социални медии.
Online and in Person Workshops
I have 5+ years experience as a professional food photographer and 3+ as a photography educator. More than 6000 students from around the world have been taking my classes. 
Get in touch with me if you need a photography or a baking workshop/ class. 
Организиране на кулинарни и фотографски курсове и работилници
Coaching and mentorship
I can help you bring food photography to the next level! I can also teach you how to create quality content for your social media and support you to build successfully a food blog. 
Индивидуални консултации на тема фотография, създаване и поддържане на блог и съдържание за социални мрежи.
If you are interested in working with me, please email at: daniela (at) daniscookings (dot) com
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