Food & Product Photography
Professional food images for your website, social media, product packaging, cookbook, restaurant menu, magazines, advertizing.
Професионална кулинарна и продуктова фотография за уебсайт, социални медии, книги и списания, реклами, менюта на ресторанти и сладкарници.
Online and in Person Workshops
I have 5+ years experience as a professional food photographer and 3+ as a photography educator. More than 5000 students from around the world have been taking my classes. 
Get in touch with me if you need a photography or a baking workshop/ class. 
Coaching and mentorship
I can help you bring food photography to the next level! I can also teach you how to create quality content for your social media and support you to build successfully a food blog. 
If you are interested in working with me, please email at: daniela (at) daniscookings (dot) com
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