Даниела Ламбова професионален фотограф на храна
My name is Daniela Lambova and I am a professional food and product photographer from Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a passion for baking, aperol spritz and Italian cuisine. 
My photography tells stories about real food and real life. With the power of light, props and composition I build the mood and the style of the images so they bring you to sunny mediterranean kitchens or to modern gourmet restaurants. I partner with my clients in order to reflect the unique differentiator of their brand into a message that resonates with the audiences.
One of the most important aspects of my work is client experience and success. As a former Customer Support Manager I know that my creative approach is crucial for my clients' results. My goal is to understand your needs first and give you creative ideas and continuous support through the whole campaign creation process.
You can do much better for your brand than using stock images! 
To find out more about my services and rates, send an email to: daniela (at) daniscookings.com 
or use the contact form
Thank you for your interest in my work!

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Казвам се Даниела Ламбова и съм професионален кулинарен и продуктов фотограф от София. 
Създавам фотографии в различни стилове: от изчистени снимки на продукти за уебсайт и онлайн магазин до впечатляващи лайфстайл сцени, които разказват истории.
Ако имате нужда от продуктов фотограф за уебсайт, социални медии, ресторант, меню, реклама, кулинарна книга, списание и други печатни и дигитални материали, ще се радвам да обсъдим възможностите за сътрудничество! Не се колебайте да ми пишете на daniela (at) daniscookings.com 
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